Herbs to see...to smell...to taste
This charming herb booklet is all about discovering herbs. A compilation of notes and tips from Sue’s herb classes. First printed in 1993, this updated version has doubled in size as it invites the exploration of herbs.  Included are growing, harvesting and preserving tips. Hand drawn garden layouts, recipes and information from crafting to culinary use.
Creative Gardener
...inspiring gardeners to create!
Creative Garden Guides
a series of booklets to guide you into exploring creativity in and out of the garden
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In Love with Lavender
The second in a series of Creative Garden guides for teasing your senses into the vast world of growing and using herbs from the garden.  The Lavender edition is filled with traditional uses, history, growing information and much more. Over 30 recipes and how-to’s that will make you fall in Love with Lavender.
The Stillroom
In the colonial home, a place was set aside to prepare household products from the garden.This was where cosmetics, medicine, bathing, and laundry products were created and distilled.In our lifestyle today, the room off the kitchen known as the stillroom does not typically exist, but the methods of a stillroom are being revived. Our fascination with gardens and how they give back by cooking, healing remedies and body care products all bring back the lost art of the stillroom. Even as multi-departments stores gives one-stop shopping, there is nothing like the taste of fresh from the garden herbal tea, the intense aroma of mint infused into a foot soak,  or the healing power of lavender to soothe skin. Histroy, inspirations, garden plans and recipes to revive the simple art of the stillroom.

Abundant flowers from cutting gardens to culinary...ideas, recipes and how to's that infuse the abundance of flowers into your everyday life. Sections include a cutting garden layout, how to make a tussie mussie wraped with the language of flowers, the childlike wonder of hollyhock dolls, pressed flowers, potpourri and so much more.
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