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What can a Garden Coach do for you?
Have you walked through your garden and brainstormed ideas to do? Maybe there are those moments of wondering what is wrong with that plant orhow do I cut that ornamental grass or when? Where do I begin?  
You are stuck and wonder how to make it happen for you. 
This is where I can come in and help. Let's personalize it all and walk through your garden with hands 
on help and up close and personal assistance.  Perfect for new homeowners, 
newly installed landscapes, hands-on teaching and help to get you through the process of Do-it-yourself landscape design. 

Professional Garden coaching and design appointments by the hour. 
For more information  
 253-265-2209 or email

Beauty, Livability, Sustainability, Creativity... make it your garden.
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What is a Garden Coach?
Think of me as your personal mentor in the garden. On-site and tailored to you.  
Certified as a Professional Horticulturist (CPH), I bring over 20 years of garden experience from nurturing soil to full landscape design. The basic of sustainable gardens to the designer touches that transform a garden from the ordinary.