Herb Lover's Spa Book Herb Lover's Spa Book

Hardback•192 pages•

The Herb Lover’s Spa Book
Create a Luxury Spa Experience at Home  with Fragrant Herbs from Your Garden

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Surround, grow, create! The Herb Lover’s Spa Book shares how to create a luxury spa experience in your own home. Filled with lush photos and herbal expertise from author Sue Goetz, learn how to create sanctuary spaces, plus a compendia of herbs to grow and over 45 recipes to create fragrant scrubs, lotions, oils and more. 
Published by St. Lynn’s Press  

Visit www.herbloversgarden.com for more recipes and herb garden inspiration by author Sue Goetz
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Workshops available: 

The Herb Lover’s Spa Garden 
Come for a show and smell! This fun and informative workshop is about growing healing, aromatic herbs and using them in hand blended spa treatments. Make fresh herbal potions from the garden, including bathing blends, sensual sugar scrubs, powders, fragrant mists and more. Get to know the nurturing attributes of herbs, how to grow them, and information on other ingredients used in herbal care recipes. Recipe demonstrations and samples for attendees available. 2- hour workshop with handouts and optional PowerPoint show 
Class fees can include a copy of the book, The Herb Lovers Spa Book. 

Sanctuary Garden Design: 
How many times have you thought of your garden as your sanctuary? Take an intermission from the stress of the day in your own garden! Surround, grow, and create with inspiration to design small spaces for retreat. Sanctuary in the garden can be as simple as seating in the midst of a woodland or a private outdoor bath. Surround yourself with aromatic plants and comfortable living spaces to fill your senses. Make music with the rustle of ornamental grasses, the hum of bees and the songs of birds. How to grow gardens that delight all of the senses- sound, sight, touch, taste and fragrance. Read, bathe, dine, grow! Tips, techniques and design elements to capture a garden sanctuary-large or small. Class fees can include a copy of the book, The Herb Lovers Spa Book. 2- hour workshop with PowerPoint show and handouts.

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