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A Creative Gardener sees not only the plants, the soil, the sun, the rain; but celebrates the garden  for all of its uses.
A taste of herb tea, a bouquet of  flowers on the table, captured fragrance in a bowl of rose petals. The fine craft of waiting for the peak time of day to pick herbs for dinner, making a fragrant gift for a friend, trimming plants into living sculpture, and so much more. 
Whatever your garden dreams are, let's start here. In these pages you will find inspirations, garden design you will find inspirations, garden design and coaching information, photos, classes, blogs and more.
           for the creative gardener in you.
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In her book, herb gardener and award-winning garden designer Sue Goetz shows how to create the luxury spa experience in our own home, featuring fragrant, therapeutic herbs from the garden. The Herb Lover’s Spa Book gives the reader simple steps for growing and preparing herbs for the home spa…aromatherapy oils, lotions, tub teas, masks, scrubs, sachets, travel bath mixes, and more.

...inspiring gardeners to create!